We commit to the value of Trust, the foundation of a relationship based on a belief in oneself as well as others, which is earned and strengthened through experience. The value of trust is found in our reliance on each other and enables an open comfort in interacting with brothers.


We commit to the value of Honor, staying true to a set of higher standards and morals in the face of adversity. Membership in Phi Kappa Sigma means a commitment to leading an honorable life.


We commit to the value of Respect, which begins with yourself and the practice of the golden rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." This statement is the acceptance of the ideals of others. In order to move forward as a brotherhood, we must continue to consider each other's viewpoints.


We commit to the value of Knowledge, the acquisition of thought, theory and principles following in the footsteps of our founding fathers in accordance with our oath of brotherhood. With this knowledge we will come closer to self-discovery, the improvement of society and the translation of knowledge into power.


We commit to the value of Wisdom, a virtue gained through experiences of self and others. Wisdom is the application of knowledge and past experiences to make decisions regardless of the situation. Through sharing wisdom, a bond is formed between young and old, teacher and student; this bond is what brings us together.


We commit to the value of Responsibility, by being reliable in the fulfillment of the objectives of our fraternity and our personal obligations, enduring the consequences of our actions.


We commit to the value of Integrity, our inner foundation for holding true to our values of trust, honor, respect, knowledge, wisdom, and responsibility that guides us to make the best decisions.


"Brotherhood is more than skin deep" - Brothers are chosen based on the worth of their character, not their religion, race, or wealth

"Once a Phi Kap, always a Phi Kap" - Phi Kappa Sigma is a lifelong commitment not limited to college years

"Stellis Aequus Durando" - Latin for "equal to the stars in endurance", this motto honors the many tribulations Phi Kappa Sigma has survived, and its determination to overcome future challenges

"Men of Honor Since 1850" - Phi Kappa Sigma was established in 1850 and has always enforced the idea of "Men of Honor"


Phi Kappa Sigma Chapters have donated countless time, money, and efforts to various philanthropic & community service activities throughout our organization's history.

Our Fraternity's national philanthropy partner is The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is the largest not-for-profit health agency dedicated to finding cures for people with leukemia, lymphoma or myeloma—collectively known as blood cancers. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society has one goal: a world without blood cancers. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society funds lifesaving blood cancer research around the world, provides free information and support services, and is the voice for all blood cancer patients seeking access to quality, affordable, coordinated care. To learn more, visit

Each year Alpha Nu Chapter hosts Splash House as our largest event to benefit LLS. Where GTPD and other prominent figures on campus kindly allow us to put them in a dunk tank for the benefit of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. We have also hosted campus events such as a Valentines Day rose sale and Tape The Dawg to benefit LLS.

Fall 2016 Membership Costs

Brother Social Dues $1000
Rent (Optional) $2000
Meal Plan (Optional) $1000*

* - Cost is estimated based on the prior semester and has not yet been confirmed.